Bratty Phone Princess Bree

What are you doing this long weekend? I was gonna be hitting the beach and teasing some of those old man cocks but ya mother nature opted to have it rain so looks like the only dicks this bratty phone princess will be teasing are the ones on the phone.

bratty phone princess

Not that I am complaining cause like that is a blast too.

Plus teasing via the phone means you can dive into those taboo fetishes n fantasies that most would just freak out about in real life. Like the daddy/daughter role plays. I mean ya its hot to call someone daddy when your going at it in the bedroom but when you already look barely legal its  a bit of a taboo topic to say when walking the streets. Trust me this bratty phone princess has made the mistake once or twice haha.

Last time I never even started the Daddy/ Daughter stuff I was at a restaurant and my date got up to go to the washroom and the waitress came to the table and asked if my daddy wanted another drink or not?

Nah just the cheque will do cause Daddy wants to get a piece of this ass.

Yup the look on her face when I said that was priceless. Well bitch dont assume! Bet you would love to be sitting across from me when I say those things. Part of you turned on to be outed for loving to fuck young bratty phone princess pussy and course the other part of you down right humiliated that you get a raging hard on for being outed.

Knowing everyone is staring at you for being a full on pervert. Sure they were looking before and wondering but now they KNOW!

Haha ya I am totally up for outing your perverted old man ass and teasing it of course.

Just ask for Bree

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Bratty Phone Sex Domme Bree

So last month I was all yay taking my clothes off n shit cause the weather was soo warm. This month the sun disappeared and I am like Mr Sun come out and play please this bratty phone sex domme wants to tease the men in her cute bikini tops and cut off jeans.

bratty phone sex domme

It didnt work cause I am in shorts and a tee. Which suits the weather but I like to flaunt my cute body and make all you perverted men pop an erection the moment I walk into the room. Seeing ya struggle to hide your cock standing up to say haha. Especially awesome when you wife is right there beside you.

Yup I am that mean. Well I prefer to use the term bratty along with a side dish of sassy. Its what you kinky fuckers love about me. That I have this wickedly sweet bubbly persona yet will smack you in the face with my brutal honesty.

I say way lie you get enough of that shit at home. This bratty phone sex domme isnt here to sugar coat anything. I mean sure if you wanna be my sugar daddy and slip me a few benjamins for being adorable n shit then by all means. Let me hold off on telling you the wicked truth till you empty that wallet a bit for your adorable sassy phone sex brat.

That would be me by the way!

So ya if you want a sassy bratty phone sex domme then give me a call at the number below. Just ask for Bree! Cause I love telling you the truth and hell sometimes I will even lure you in with a few white lies just to get what I want then boom!

Slap your face with the truth.

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Humiliation Phone Sex Princess Bree

What is it with you little dick dudes wanting to wave those pint size cocks around? Like seriously do you think all us hot phone sex princess wanna have a look?

Before you say a fucking word the answer is NO!

We dont wanna look. Or I should say this bratty phone sex princess has no fucking interest in looking at your tiny dick. Like dude my vision is 20/20 and what your sporting down there will have me squinting and requiring a 1000 power magnify glass.

humiliation phone sex princess

Even then EWWWW!

Like I wanna see that on zoom.

You can keep your pictures and videos and whatever else you your about to ask me to watch cause umm ya I have a very vivid imagination on what that inflated clitty looks like and trust me I dont need the trauma.

Fuck could you imagine your the result of me having to go to therapy and when the doctor asks why I am there. OMG its all the small dick pictures I saw as a phone sex princess. But the one that send me to seek out therapy was this dick if you could call it that turtled back into his fucking balls. Like I wanted to look away but I just couldnt.

Now everytime I look at a turtle I am reminded of the horrid image of that itty bitty dick.

Just kidding like you fuckers could send me to therapy haha. But you will send me giggling and laughing with my friends.

Come on my friends and I all have a few drinks then talk about the cocks we have seen which ones have been the best and which ones have been the worst. Chances are if you called me for some sph phone sex you have been mentioned haha.

Ohh I bet that itty bitty thing is dribbling haha.

Well call this hot phone sex princess for some more humiliation phone sex and who knows you might be the topic of next girls night. Doubtful but hey you can let yourself believe it for a moment.

Just ask for Bree

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humiliation phone sex princess

Bratty Phone Sex Domme Humiliate Small Dick Loser

Taking calls cause its what I do being a bratty phone sex domme n all. And really being a Wednesday night my friends are all being boring ass bitches saying they cant go out because they have to work in the morning or what ever. *yawn*

So whatever that means my hot ass is staying in and teasing your loser cocks instead of going out and having fun denying those older men with my sweet pussy. Course it ended up working out alright in the end. Well not totally alright cause I end up talking to this guy Aaron about fucking some big black cock and how his loser little dick wont get near my princess pussy. I would much rather of been out actually fucking that hot bbc instead of creating some wicked bbc cuckold fantasy shit you know!

Well turns out he was calling me before a hot date or what ever it was gonna be cause can a guy with a small dick really have a hot date? Not like anyone is really gonna fuck ya.

bratty phone sex domme

So he was warming up with that denial of pussy by calling this bratty  phone sex domme. He has called me in the past to humiliate his small dick and well lets just keep that fun parade rolling.

Our calls started with how I would make him take us out on fun holidays to those hedonistic places so I could fuck as many big ass black dicks as possible. Talking long and girthy BBC! So big that I wouldnt even feel his scrawny white boy cock in me after wards cause my pussy would be gapping!

Well he was huffing and puffing at that idea. Then ran off to do whatever small dick losers do.

Few hours later he calls me back and is all I got stood up. Well color me shocked!

Turns out he was all dressed up for his date. No not talking about  suit an tie but like a dress, stockings and heels. Ya sent me fucking pictures too. Hmmmm I could post them. Am I that evil???

I maybe!

So poor little shrimp dick is all I never got to cum and well you know called up his favorite bratty phone sex domme to continue on with the humiliation from earlier. Hell ya bring it on!

Just ask for Bree

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humiliation phone sex princess

Bratty Domme Phone Sex Princess Bree

Holy shit its like summer out there not spring. That sounds like a bit of a complaint but really its not for this bratty domme phone sex princess is fucking loving wearing next to nothing and teasing all you shrimp dick losers.

bratty domme phone sex princess

Ya I know you guys are all staring at me in my fitted tanks and crop tops. Hoping to catch a glimpse of some side boob or better yet my hard nipples the moment I step into the store and the a/c washes over my perfect milky skin. Then your running off to some public washroom to rub one off.

That image is probably what you jerk off to for like the next 3 months. I see you! You fucking losers cant hide from this bratty domme phone sex princess. I mean you try to but the funny part is while your working your tic tac cock over with your thumb your giving me a call going OMG OMG OMG i just saw the perfect princess that wont give me the time of day.

Fucker I know! No hot bitch will ever give your loser ass the time of day no matter what. Which is why your wanking it right there. Good news I wouldnt even give you the time of day either but your wallet is decent and your paying me so here I am. Well here I half am cause even during this wanking call I am probably stifling my yawn while you tell me how hot this girl was your jerking off too.

Heads up I really dont care she aint me and well your dick aint fuckable so you know BORED princess here.

So come bore me with your jerk off fantasy hahah. No seriously I am interested in draining your wallet. Curious how long it takes for someone with that small of a dick to lose it. 2 seconds. 20 seconds will you last a full 20 minutes and opt to extend the time with me?

Who know but lets find out just ask for Bree.

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bratty domme phone sex princess

Panty Boy Humiliation with Princess Bree

What is it with you guys and your panties?

Ok like I know panties are super sexy and they feel great so maybe thats it?

But nahhhh I think you guys just love knowing you could be busted at any moment with your panty lines or better yet you laundry hamper diving to hunt down for the perfect pair of dirty panties.

panty boy humiliation

Cause lately its Princess Bree I have my girlfriend’s panties on. Princess Bree I bought panties. Princess Bree I am a panty boy!

Like dude stop the bus and back it up some… You have a girlfriend and can steal her panties? How the fuck did a panty boy get a girlfriend? Actually thats what I wanna know more than the why your wearing panties.

How has your girlfriend not busted you for wearing panties? Cause I am like 99999% sure I would figure out my boyfriend is stealing my panties and wearing them. Like you would stretch them out.

No not by your package. Cause lets face it all you guys phoning me have small dicks so those panties are not getting misshapen in that area haha. No but like your hips have to be bigger than your girlfriend’s.

Ohh unless you fucks date fat chicks!

That has to be it you panty boys date the big girls cause they are the only ones will have you. They probably know  you are a panty boy but over look it cause like they are desperate for cock. Hey how do you fuck them big girl pussies with such a small cock?

Wait is this were you tell me noo Princess Bree my girlfriend is super hot! Then you must have a very thick wallet hahah cause dude the only thing thats 3.5″ that I get excited over is a credit card with no spending limit. Yup I said it.

Well I am off to sort though my panty draw figure out which ones need to go and which ones bring me joy or some bullshit like that. Guessing for you panty boys they all bring you joy hahah.

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panty boy phone sex

Worship This Princess’ Smelly Feet

I am loving that spring is here! Well it would be way nicer if Mother Nature got on board with the nice weather so I could wear my cute sandals. My feet are stuffed into my ballet flats still. Ya they are cute and fine but once I step into a puddle. SWEET fuck do my feet stink!

smelly foot fetish

Normally I would be fuck dont take my shoes off anywhere cause wet feet in leather flats is nasty, especially when I have been wearing this ones all year long… with no socks. Smelly! Now I am like who cares. Really when I go to the shoe store I slide my foot out and just hope that shoe guy has a smelly foot fetish.

Fuck ya! I wave my bare foot around and let that pungent odor just permeate the store. Hah! That usually brings the foot fetish guy a running. He can smell my stinky foot from the back room and is racing down the aisle to attend to my shoe shopping needs. All so he can be near my sweet succulent foot aroma.

Just love waving my toes under his nose letting that ripeness fill his nostrils as he stumbles to get that new shoe out of the box. In my head I wonder will he be quick to slip that shoe on or take his time unwrapping the tissue from inner part of the shoe so he can breathe in that stench?

Most the time they take their fucking time with the tissue so they can watch me wiggle my fucking toes. Yup inspect it for toe jam hahah! Wonder if they wanna lick it that sock snot or leave it there for extra odor absorbency? Hey a girl wonders some times.

I think the smell foot worshipers take their sweet ass time cause they are not sure how many shoes I am gonna try on. So they gotta take advantage of the time. Well if my feet stink that much I am parking here for the DAY!

Do you have a smelly foot fetish? Then you need to call me like now! Ask for Bree the princess no embarrassed to have some foul smelling feet.

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smelly foot fetish phone sex

Humiliation Phone Sex Princess

Usually I am not one to write similar blogs over n over again. Wait maybe I am cause most my blogs are about humiliation phone sex, or being a bratty domme or calling the losers out or well being a fucking awesome princess. So ya there is a bit of a repeat there.

humiliation phone sex

I would apologize for it but you so fucking know that aint about to happen! I write what I like and well you can read it or what ever. Know you will cause you losers love reading about how awesome I am for starters. Plus you love reading about how I humiliate other guys. Probably hoping up on hope that when you call I will blog about you.

Ok maybe not you might be that sort that would rather not have my fingers pounding the keyboard about ya. However, this blog is about MrMarcus again. Read below for the deets on him. Actually I think he starts needing a category all to himself so you all can read about him easier and well then he can wank off to his own blogs.

Why do I say that cause thats exactly what happened. He was off snooping wanker land and poof started reading my blog in his search for naughty stuff to help him over the edge. I know how you fuckers work. He course was looking for girls having fun with big black dicks and BAM there was my blog all about our call.

The highlights his wife has a massive BBC dildo cloned after the porn star MrMarcus and you should hear how this guy says the name oh my gawd! Part of his voice is envy the other part is pure drool. Like he wishes he had a pussy just so he knows what its like to get fucked by the perfect cock.

Ya him reading the blog all about his humiliation phone sex call had his dick rock hard and reaching for the phone again. Needing to have my voice giggling and humiliating him. Hell you know what if I had a MrMarcus dildo with me I would of probably ignored you and just focused on that amazing fake dick cause it would of been more fuckable than your cock.

Yup I said it!

I want the fake dick over yours.

Ohhh you small dick losers all know thats me being straight up honest. Which is how you like your Princess Bree! Hah

Just ask for Bree!

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humiliation phone sex princess


Bree Loves BBC Phone Sex Fantasies

So a few weeks ago did a blog about Mr Marcus the massive bbc dildo that would be so awesome to play with during bbc phone sex cuckold calls. And in typical fashion when a big black cock is involved got distracted away from what I intended to blog about. Which was why the big black dildo was on my mind. I mean other than the obvious bbc is so awesome!

bbc phone sex cuckold

It was cause a caller brought it up. His wife owns the Mr Marcus dildo which is molded from the African American porn stars cock right down to his balls and you can suction cup it to the wall or floor so you can literally ride that 9 inch dark dildo.

Ok am getting lost on that cock again. I know you small dick losers wont ever have a woman get lost on your cock size haha.

Anyways… he was saying how much his wife loves this cock and how hard she orgasms on it. That she would rather pleasure herself with it over his cock. Cant say I would blame her I mean if you had the option of a black cock over your white husbands dick. BBC hands down every time!

So that started with his need to be humiliated not necessarily in a bbc phone sex cuckold way but more just you dont measure up and why I love big black cock so much. Cause them damn big cocks can hit that orgasm spot every damn time and from any position.

We talked about my time with a bbc how fucking hot it was to have this massive dark dick right in front of me and what all I did with it. How ya I am a bit of a size queen that even though this white dick loser was coming in at 7 inches (so he says) he still wouldnt do it for me that I would be all eh ya thats alright but my face would be going ugh really? Thats all you got for me?

My facial expression really has no filter so my mouth can say one thing and my face is totally saying what I am thinking.

Do you like it when a woman is a total size queen for big black cock? Love being compared to them dark dicks? Then maybe you should call me for some bbc phone sex fantasies.

Just ask for Bree!

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bbc phone sex

Small Dick Humiliation Princess

So its been small dick humiliation central lately. Like either you dudes missed your favorite humiliation phone sex princess or I dont know what else you just missed me.

Not complaining cause I gotta say I am loving laughing at you shrimp dick losers. Hey what can I say its what I live for! Giggling and laughing along with just telling you the truth over what I think of small dick men.

small dick humiliation princess

Anyways just wanted to point out thanks to a certain guys recommendation this small dick humiliation phone sex princess added a special toy to her wish list. Yup it goes by the name Mr Marcus. No literally its name is Mr Marcus its molded after his 9 inch big black cock. Yup apparently this thing is massive but course that is coming from a white guy who hasnt really seen a black cock before.

Me on the other hand have fucked a black guy. Only once but let me say if a bbc where to come into my path again I wouldn’t think twice about pouncing on him!

Yup it was a MASSIVE MANDINGO cock.

So thought why not add that massive bbc dildo to my wish list and one of you small dick losers could buy it for me. I read the reviews and women are like fuck ya I gave up my fuck buddy since buying this thing. Now dont worry I wont give up being a humiliation phone sex princess but I am pretty sure my cuckold blogs will drastically increase haha.

No really they would if I was messing around with that 9 inch bbc dildo I would be dishing out the small penis humiliation left and right.

So anyways I even added some other fun bbc cuckold stuff to my wish list the link will be below so you can check it out yourself. My eye really is on that dick cause I am all curious as fuck about it.

Oh shit I totally got distracted I was gonna blog about the guy who mentioned Mr Marcus to me and looks like that will be another blog. Haha nothing like being a massive tease!

Just ask for Bree when you call

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