Phone Sex Princess Bree Sends Mark to Be a Cum Slut

If your like me you been wondering where all the freaky fucks have been. Taboo Brian, Gloryhole Mark and Wally. Well think about them and eventually one of them will feel the twitch in their cock. Bam if it wasnt Gloryhole Mark calling to let his favorite phone sex princess in on what he has been up to.

fetish phone sex princess

Giving me the latest in dick sucking reports haha.

Seems he has been somewhat busy between glory holes found in adult bookstores, trips to Vegas to suck some big black cock and a very creamy adventure on the East Coast. Ya me listing that shit out probably has Mark twitching in his undershorts right now. BREE!!! fuck people will know thats me!

Umm only if they are willing to out themselves as a kinky fucking pervert who reads and well calls a taboo phone sex princess like me. Highly unlikly they will out you. Give you a knowingly head nod hell ya. Hell maybe they will get you to suck them off in the bathroom? You maybe thanking me for all that info being released.

So while we chatted and caught up it was decided that Gloryhole Mark needed to get some dick in his mouth. Well actually he listed off like 3 things do to and one I veto’d right away. It was getting off by some Asian masseuse. Please there is nothing taboo about that. Mark tossed in what if I eat my cum while she is watching. Hmmm interesting but ehhh its still last on the list.

Was settled he was gonna go be a gloryhole slut at some local adult bookstore. now this is more like it! Stanger’s cocks slipping through a hole in the wall and you wrapping them cum craving lips around it.

Bring it on!

Our call ended with him just mere blocks from the house o cum. Ok so that sounded way hotter in my head but ya know. He was gonna go be a dirty little cum slut for his phone sex princess. You best be calling back Mark with the sticky details.

Princess Bree!

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex Humiliation with Bree

So finally heard from Gloryhole Mark! Like it had been so long since his cum sticky lips had been on the end of the phone I literally blanked on who it was on messenger. Yes! Its literally been that long! Anyways GM was in desperate need of some Princess Bree time so he called up for a bit of cock sucking phone sex humiliation.

We caught up a bit since the last time I talked to the cum eater was before his big move. Seems his move was for the good as his lips have been around quite a few big thick cum filled dicks. Gloryhole Mark is back to his usual haunts and looking for dicks again. Hitting up the bath houses and drooling over naked men. How your friends dont know your a dick licker is beyond me really.

So what is the fag doing? He was partying it up in one of the best New Year Eve spots ever. Now being a sweet princess for but a moment I wont say where cause ya never know a friend of his could read and be like wait a minute thats the Mark I know!!!! See I can be nice at times. Lets not make it too often cause it really hurts my brain to be sweet.

Anyways Mark is at party central already for a few days and wouldnt you know it he is licking and sucking some big cock. Ok it was a couple but still thats better than most of you wanna be cock suckers out there least he is finding some dick and going to get it.

Gloryhole Marks big plans for the New Years Eve was to ditch his friends and go be a little cum bucket for who ever he could find. I of course told him he was better off celebrating with his friends. Ya right bring on the bus loads of dicks please.

Guessing it was a success as I never heard from Mark again. Like hello dude I want details! Did you get a facial for NYE of what? How many loads did you take. Like fill me the fuck in here.

Till Mark unsticks his lips give me a shout and tell me about your holiday adventures or talk about the shit you wish you did. Either way bring on the cock sucking phone sex humiliation! This Princess is ready.

Princess Bree!

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cock sucking phone sex humiliation

Creampie Phone Sex Fantasies with Bree

creampie phone sex

So in the days leading up to Glory Hole Mark big move. Hell it could be one state over but really when we are talking about the ability to suck cock freely again its a massive move. Dont give a shit who you are. Well we were having a little chat and he was all giddy with OMG OMG OMG I cant wait to get some dick in my mouth. Ok maybe it wasnt quite like that but really in my Princess head I had him skipping and dancing around his place haha. No lie!

The party all ended when Glory Hole Mark told me he was bummed out cause he hasnt been able to hook up with this girl. Cause I was thinking they work some crazy schedule but NOPE! This girl has a boyfriend. I know total dog right? But Glory Hole Mark isnt into fucking her, well maybe he is but he is after a sweet cream pie. Oh ya they cant time it right for her to get fucked and then the boyfriend leave so Glory Hole Mark dive in between those sweaty legs and eat out her dirty cream filled pussy.

Well fuck me looks like we need to move on to some creampie phone sex there Mark! Cause thats some sick ass fantasy and I LOVE it!

Course as we are talking Glory Hole is saying he wants a couple to have fun with and well me I am all OH ya a couple would be awesome so then you can have more creampies to eat. I was thinking a few attached girls to play with and well he was thinking a man and woman to watch fuck and he can get a freshly fucked pussy. My bad.

Really both sound pretty awesome and I guess that makes me a bigger freak than I thought. Which one would you like? Cause I think both would be awesome to talk about in a creampie phone sex call. Hah!

Princess Bree!

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Cum Eating Fantasies with Bratty Phone Princess Bree

cum eating fantasies

GLORY HOLE MARK! Finally got off his knees long enough to grab his phone and call me. Oh I really hope he purelled his hands ewww! Its been fucking forever dude since ya told me about your sick cum eating fantasies. Ya I said fantasies this dude hasnt got any cum in his mouth other than his own in for-fucking-ever. Got to say majorly disappointing this bratty phone princess.

Honestly like I am pouting right now. Over the fact you havent taken a sticky load of semen down your throat since ya moved to the east coast. Booooo! I would of thought your move out there would of had you gobbling up nut butter like no tomorrow but boy was I wrong. Least your just as disappointed too. So disappointed he is moving back home where the land of the cocks are!

No more cum eating fantasies for that cock sucker! Bring on the dicks.

Pretty sure Glory Hole Mark will be posting craigslist with some ads prior to his arrival so that before the moving truck hit his new place he will have already put some cum stains on that floor.

Just a word to the wise ya may wanna vacuum up the knee impressions on the carpet prior to the movers. Oh fuck who am I talking to this is Glory Hole Mark a sick cock sucking fuck you will leave them there to let those beefy dudes know you will happily take their cock deep in your throat as a tip. Oh wait thats your tip. Your still gonna have to break out the wallet buddy.

Can not wait to hear all about your move and the fun times in your new places. BYOC. Bring your own Cum is your new house motto.

Princess Bree!

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Cum Eating Phone Sex with Bree

cum eating phone sex

Was thinking the other day totally fucking disappointed in gloryhole Mark! Like he was suppose to be the amazing cum eating man slut out there sucking back cocks and gobbling up cum like no buddies business and here I was keeping tally. Ya I got nada on him. Like no word nothing the little fucking pervert needs to revoke his name Gloryhole, my ass.

I get people get busy but come on if your that much of a freak you are not gonna stop being a cum craving bitch. Trust me I know! Well not personally but ya know from all the taboo fucking freaks that call me for cum eating phone sex. Like them dudes are all about the jizz. Thick ropey jizz.

So this is a call out to Glory Hole Mark have you just not called your favorite phone princess cause your mouth has been full? Hell even that isnt a good enough excuse cause ya know I am all about your ass needs to call so I can listen to you guzzle back a fresh load of ball batter that isnt yours. hahah.

Seriously usually I am not one to call out people who dont call its like what ever you get busy and shit but some one when I am all let me keep a tally till the end of the year of the dick your smacking on then you best give the details over. Other wise *yawn* total boring, right?

So Glory Hole Mark its time for some cum eating phone sex you know so you can eat some creamy nut butter and well tell me about your latest dick sucking experiences.

Princess Bree

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Cum Eating Phone Sex with Princess Bree

cum eating phone sex loser

Poor Glory Hole Mark is out there doing his best to get some dick in his mouth but like the dude is having some issues cause the places he goes to suck some dick are over run with guys like himself in need of some cock in their mouths. How the fuck can Glory Hole Mark be a sick nasty fucking fagot if he aint got no dicks to suck? So he is left to gobble up his own cum for his favorite Princess. Me! during a cum eating phone sex fantasy.

Ok so it started out with him saying bree will ya give me some directions on masturbation and well calling me names and you know in addiction to what ever else we talk about. Ya well I took that a merely a suggestion and just did my own thing haha! Mark is so fucking use to it I mean he has been calling me forever. As I typed this out I was like ooops masturbation directions forgot that shit. I did give him directions on how to fucking perv out though and that trumps anything.

Many worked on him getting some fucking cum in his mouth! Preferably not his. Like ya sure if ya have to have yours fine but he is a sick nasty fucker! He needs to to feel a thick gooey load slither down his throat from another dude. Thats what is going to get this fucking fagboy off.

So here is what we came up with after 30 minutes of humiliating the cock sucker. That we mainly I were gonna do a tally of how many dicks he sucks in a month AND how much cum loads he eats. See fucking sick cum eating phone sex call right? Sure we are starting it half way through the year but hey bright ideas dont always happen in January. Then at the end of the year I will give him his tally. Oh and cum loads are gonna be separated into his and strangers cause like they cant be the same deal.

How fucking hot is that! Now I think cause Glory Hole Mark is such a freak he would love to compete with others so if you are a cock sucker and love taking cum loads then get in on this too. Get your bitch boy freak on! You can start at any time.

You can start your tally off with taking a load during a cum eating phone sex call with me!


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Glory Hole Mark returns to eat his own cum

Hey Cum Slurpers! So fucking awesome cum eating phone sex call like a week ago now. Ya, you can say it Bree why are we only now hearing about this fucking awesome call? Well cause part of it was I was waiting for Gloryhole Mark to call me back. Oh ya you all remember the adventures of Gloryhole Mark dont ya?

brunette coed in pink panties

He was the one who would hunt down the bathhouse places and the adult stores with the gloryholes for him to go eat cum. Well seems he was away working. Which from a stand point of cum eating must stuck cause he has no time to eat anyone else’s jizz but his own. BORING!

So whats he do like the first moment he can upon getting back? Fucking call his favorite phone princess of course. He was eager to get down to business. He was popping up on cam for me his dick rock hard, stroking away telling me how he can’t wait to perv out and well make my blog again cause he saw all his pervert adventures had disappeared. Total sadness for him and me really.

This cum eating freak was in a hotel which meant he was going to have a revolving door on his room of guys coming in with hard ons eager to unload into Glory hole Marks mouth. Fuck yes! Let the cum eating games begin! I wanna watch all this shit cause lets face it as much as your a sick freak for wanting to suck dick and eat strangers cum. Well I wanna watch it and force ya to do it. Waves my Princess Pervert Flag!

All this talk about making Glory Hole Mark have nasty sperm breath was getting him ready to blow his own nut batter all over his belly and well slurp it up. Oh ya I was cheering him on “slurp! slurp! SLURP!!!!” Which gets me thinking I am like the cheerleader for cum eaters out there. Seriously! I could have a cute little cheer uniform on and on my chest would be a little spermy haha that would so fucking rock!

Anyways, Glory Hole Mark must not of gotten any replies to his ad or got called into work cause this Cum Eating Princess never heard from him. Boooo! Like I was looking for the entertainment. So that sucked. But that doesnt mean I wont have some other suck freak ready to blow his load and gobble it up for me. Right?

Love to make another man eat his own cum for me. Who is up for it?


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