Extreme Taboo Phone Sex with Bree

This is some fucking funny shit. Literally was talking about Taboo Brian with another guy and how I havent heard from him in like FOREVER! and BOOM the taboo phone sex freak calls me up this weekend. No shit!

extreme taboo phone sex

His dick must of been getting the twitch knowing I was talking about him. Ohhh Princess Bree is wondering what I am up too. If I am sucking some cock. See last time I talked to Taboo Brian he was in some trailer court waiting to find a house as he had just moved. If you ask me that freaky pervert deserved to live in a trailer. Not saying all trailer people are freaks but come on when you think trailer trash you definitely think Taboo Brian!

Well he found a house and his wife was gone for the weekend so break out the booze and some Bree! Unfortunately, the dude was miles away from civilization so no dicks would be sucked. Dammit all to fucking hell. Why the fuck did you buy a house in the middle of no where Brian? Oh we are private people. Fuck that shit. Your a cock sucking whore you need to live where you can hook your ass up with some dick is who you are.

So we were left with some taboo phone sex fantasy. Not bitching about that but you know when your craving to hear some dude suck back a load of strangers jizz its a bit of a let down. One day I will hear Taboo Brian’s lip smack on a guys balls. ONE DAY!

This call was pissed drunk Taboo Brian talking about what he likes best who he would want to suck off and well I would mention it but ya know there are some rules against that shit hahaha. I can say we did go from talking about humans to dogs. Haha! Fucking Freak!

Unfortunately Taboo Brian passed out drunk so he never did eat his cum oh well there is always next time.

As always Taboo Brian it was a blast catching up with your perverted ass.

Princess Bree!

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taboo phone sex

Phone Sex Princess Bree Humiliates a Wanna Be Cum Piggy

phone sex princess

So in typical phone sex Princess style I have been busy enjoying the fucking awesome weather on the west coast. Ya you think that Canada means its the land of ice and snow and well brrr. Fucking far from the truth its been sun, sand and bikinis. Ok so the bikinis are a bit far off but not that much. hahah.

When my ass aint soaking up the sun its around for your fucked up losers kinky, taboo sexual fantasies. Dude like OMG the shit that goes through your minds to get your dicks hard. FUCK!

Well most of you know cause I blog about ya! Why should I be the only one to giggle over the humiliating shit that happens on the phone. Nah! Like take all the blogs about taboo brian he is one fucked up cum hungry dude.

Why bring him up well cause he called of course! That little wanna be cum piggy called me last night cause his boring vanilla wife was sound asleep and he needed to whack one off since should wouldnt spread her legs. Wonder what she would think if she knew the sick filthy things he thought about to get his dick hard? Haaaaaa!

Well Taboo Brian was a totally fucking jerk off last night wandering around a camping site twiddling his cock here and there trying to thinking totally taboo things. HINTING about what he would like to do cause he didnt wanna speak too loud and alter the people in tents that they had a full on cum craving creep wandering around.

Yup dont fear the wild life! Ya got to fear the dude in slot 10 who will jump out and suck your dick. The whole time Bree dont make me do anything stupid I gotta stay normal. Dont make me a cum piggy. Hah like I am his kyrptonite. Dont worry Taboo Brian your phone sex princess’ got your back lets go spew some cum on the side of your camper right underneath where your pathetic wife is sleeping.

OH and Taboo Brian is traveling to the OC so this wanna be cum piggy will be on the hunt for some dick. He is wanting a train to fill him with sticky jizz. Cant remember the dates but those in the area get your dicks ready a very deprived slut is on its way.

Princess Bree!

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taboo phone sex stories

Humiliating A Phone Sex Loser

phone sex loser

Guess who was traveling for work? Well like you need to guess this phone sex loser was all over my twitter last night haha TABOO fucking BRIAN! Hell ya love it when he comes out to play. Would be better if he wasnt held up in buttfuck Georgia. Actually let me correct myself it no buttfuck Georgia. Seriously is there no cock sucking going on in that fucking state???

Like Taboo Brian was searching CL for some horny dude to come over and violate his drunken mouth hell even his virgin like ass and there were no ads posted since like beginning of February or something like that. WTF???

Here is a dude away for a few days from the old ball n chain and can totally tap into his taboo cock sucking desires and he is on the phone with ME! Well talking to me aint that bad part the bad part is there aint no fucking dick in his mouth and this phone sex princess isnt listening to some cock slurping. Thats the fucking shame!

Where do you Georgia fucks go to get nasty? There wasnt even a sex store there!!!!!! Can you believe it! Ok maybe if you live down there you might but I was all OMG OMG OMG you need to leave now cause you are about to be abducted by aliens or something. How does a town not have a sex store how do you people get your vibrators and dildos?

Anyway off my princess soap box of the lack of perversion in Georgia. Taboo Brian switched to a different online place and well there were some ads still iffy but once he placed an ad *cue angel music* there were responses. Like there are guys in need of their dicks to be sucked. He was getting hit off the fucking chart. So much he fucking hung up on me to go get dick hahaha.

I was rather insulted but he was like Bree dick on the other line got to go *click*

It had been years since he had real dick in his mouth vs just some lets talk about when you did cock sucking phone sex fantasy shit. Hey I love phone sex like duh! But when a dick worship whore has the chance to slap them lips on a throbbing cock I so know where he is going… To the real thing.

Mind you Taboo Brian is there till Thursday I think you best being calling your favorite phone sex princess with an update on your whoring ways. Wanna know how many dicks came in your Days Inn room last night? Did you get any complaints for being too loud? Oh the questions haha cause I am nosy like that.

Princess Bree!

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taboo phone sex stories

Bratty Domme Phone Sex Bitch Bree

Ok I know its been fucking forever and like well forever since I blogged but there is one person who has been waiting a week for this blog to be tossed up. TABOO fucking BRIAN! Ya his worthless shit of a cock sucking ass called me out of the blue just before Christmas. Sure I could of ran to the computer and tossed up some half fucked up blog about how his drunk ass was perving it up in the Atlanta area but nah. This bratty domme phone sex bitch couldnt do that besides I was totally comfy in bed.

bratty domme phone sex bitch

Not like that cock sucker wanna be actually got some dick while he was in… Fuck if I could remember what back woods area of Atlanta he was in but there were no fucking men to dominate his ass and make him slurp back some load of cum.

I would blame the lack of perverts in that area but really think its the lack of planning on Taboo Brians part. Like if you know your gonna be in a certain area before ya get all shit faced drunk or what ever you party with set up your men first. Or least set up how your gonna go about getting them. So its just point in click in your blurry eye haze.

Seriously Brian was all screaming I need my ass fucked. I need men. Get me men.

Like I am some genie in a bottle that can be bop the phone and get him a line up of cum filled cock to suck. Sure this bratty domme phone sex bitch lives in Canada which is near to heaven on earth as you get but there is no magical powers with living here. All he got was me laughing in his ear for being a fucking dip shit and not arranging his night of freedom from the ball and chain better.

Hell call a fucking pro dude!

Oh wait he did he called me. Sorry I got no dick and I am so not in Georgia.

Rather surprised with all the screaming about wanting dick that the guy sleeping in the room next to his never came over and fucked taboo brian’s ass like seriously he was loud. The whole city probably knew he was desperate for dick.

Got to ask Taboo Brian did you ever find some cum? Or did you have to go through Christmas dinner wishing for Cum in the new year??? Dont worry sure you will get some soon your a dirty whore and sluts know how to find cum.

Talk soon.

Princess Bree

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bratty domme phone sex bitch

Perverted Phone Sex Princess

perverted phone sex princess

so this was a total fucking blast from the perverted phone sex past. taboo brian rang me up this week he hasnt lost his sick perverted touch even though the fucker got married. like ewww!

ya so that explains why he hasnt been all nasty with his favourite phone sex princess but honestly you travel all the time there is no excuse taboo brian why you cant break out into some taboo shit. like you can stop being a dick sucker just cause there is a ring on that finger.

i think not!

if anything just getting your face buried in pussy all the time should make you crave to get some dick nad not just any dick but that filthy i found them on craigslist and let them have their way with me dick. oh ya cause your a sick muthafucker.

ya so missed ya taboo brian.

next time lets get those dicks to your hotel room or better yet why not find a glory hole and you can compete with glory hole mark. oh shit ya lets have a competition to see who can get face fucked the most at a glory hole. who do you think will win?

i see glory hole mark winning only cause he has some experience around that sticky wall. hahah!

anyways I am around this weekend so catch me for some sick, perverted phone sex fun. ya that stuff you dare not tell anyone.


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