foot fetish phone sex

hey losers!! went to visit my dad at his office total snooze fest usually. he wants to call me in to go over my life plan yadda yadda. some bullshit. wonder what would happen if i told him i was having far too much fun being a foot fetish brat so why would i want to go off to college? like who would really want to head to college and give up the fun on the phone i am having. all the old men out there paying to have 10 minutes of my attention. then handing over more cause i know their dirty little secrets. oh ya! we are talking about those taboo fantasies where you wish you had those tiny teen panties to masturbate your cock with while your talking to this hot bratty phone tease. that is what i am referring too.

well anyways the whole time i am at my dads office. which i dont know why he called me down there other than he was off in some long ass meeting leaving me at his office and nothing to do. well not completely. there was a guy that has a cubicle across from my dads door and he was totally eying me up. he is some 30 year old masturbating pervert. ya know he is wanking his dick under the desk looking at porn on his phone when he thinks no one is watching.

well he was eying up my feet in my cute strappy heels. the one that show off my new pedi with some oh so hot polish that foot boy mark bought me. hot pink with sparkles apparently its attracting even more foot fetish guys just wearing it. so i sat on my dads desk and just twirled my foot.

ya that fuck was just wishing he had 5 minutes alone to stroke his cock while thinking of my feet giving him a little foot job. haha. foot loser!

ask for bree, your foot fetish phone sex brat

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bratty phone sex girl

ok get this my friend calls me and asks if i wanna go to some praise jesus weekend camp out. wtf! like its nearing october and you want my bratty phone sex princess ass camping out?

apparently we will be in cabins. ok then the next thing is you want me to sit there and praise jesus all weekend long? like who the hell wants to do that? sit around with a bunch of virgins who are probably finding god in the woods with a good old jerk off.

ya you know i am going to be sitting around the kumbaya wondering who is working that cock in the wilderness. well when i am not letting my mind wander to if jesus has a big dick? seriously like he always wears these robes and cant one picture have him in something that shows off his package. ya i know totally sacrilegious to think that shit but come on? like your not wondering too? i so bet the guys in the woods are jerking off thinking of sucking some big ole jesus dick. ok maybe that is a stretch but probably not very far one.

ok back to the camp out. its so not happening need to tell my girl like asap. cause number 1 its camping and well number 2 i would have to watch my mouth around these bible fuckers and well for those that call me know that is just so fucking hard. this bratty phone sex princess cant behave on any level.

ask for bree

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Teasing Perverts with My Perfect Ass

hey fuckers

so what is it with the perverts and wanting a look under some hot teens skirt? like seriously do you not think we will fucking notice your loser ass following us around. well maybe i notice you fuckers more since i talk on the phone with you and it gives me some sense of pervert radar but i see ya fucks everywhere.

like i was walking up and down this street in victoria and there was this guy who was on vacation. oh man had the wife draggin him through all the sites. his eyes so where not on the water front. parliament, double decker buses it was on my fucking ass. well mine and every girl walking by him in shorts and skimpy skirt. haha was waiting for him to get some serious whiplash. him looking one way and the wife yanking him the other way by the arm. see him getting some chiropractor treatments when he gets home.

can you imagine what he tells the doc what brought him there. umm ummm twisted my neck looking at hot teen girls in short skirts while on vacation. well maybe he would if he had a pervert for a back cracker. totally possible.

ya so i was totally laughing and it made me wanna run up in front of him and bend over looking at some of the tourist crappy trinkets ya know. ya get a glimpse of my sexy panties fucker.

ya so totally in a teasing mood like duh when arent i right? so come share you nasty perverted stories and get your blue balls off with me.

ask for bree

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panty tease phone sex

hey panty sniffers. fuck was out shopping yesterday and this total panty pervert was following me around the mall. haha lucky day for him cuz i had on the sweetest jean skirt and purple sweater. hard not to wanna follow around my hot ass when you see my legs in that skirt. when i knew i was being followed that is when i knew i was gonna have some fun. i pretty much knew i was being followed like 1 store in the loser was so horrible at it. but ya what can you do when your wanting a glimpse of my hot ass in panties. haha fucker. was teasing him for a few hours. the dude thought he had it made when i went into the lingerie store. oh ya tent popping in those pants thinking he would get a look at my ass in panties. nope! tease! but he panty loser didnt stand a chance really cuz i mean i tease how many panty losers on the phone? like a gazillion.

panty tease phone sex with bree

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religious play phone sex fantasy

ya this bratty phone sex princess has been super naughty in my catholic school uniform. hahah i swear like doesnt everyone make out in the confessional? really! the fucking nuns keep catching me in there with my panties around my ankles and telling me how its un god like. something about what would jesus do? close the fucking door and let me get a good fuck. i so think the priest would love to hear me banging away in the confessional going fuck me lord! ya know he is a sick fucker and would watch. probably would steal my panties and sit there afterwards sniffing them doing his hail mary’s. hahah fuck ya bet those panty boys are like when did panty sniffing happen in church? on in the church of freak. fuck can you imagine if i had a church like the shit that would happen there hell ya. people would be fucking in the aisles. praying the the mighty strap on. maybe i should get my priest status. i would have all the freaks coming to me.

got a religious play phone sex fantasy and need a taboo phone sex princess to help ya out with it. so like give me a call and lets have some fun.


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SPH Phone Sex: Canadian Pussy You Can Get

So I was trying to decide what drink I wanted to drink tonight and boom it hit me. hahahah. I found the drink for loser dick boys. The drink that will make shrimp dicks envious. Cause really this is the only way u will get near a pussy. hahahah
Canadian Pussy. I mean even the name is so perfect.

1oz Yukon Jack Canadian Whiskey

1 oz Peach Schnapps

1 oz Orange Juice.

Mix all together in a shaker with ice and por into shot glasses and serve.

See is a quick drink for shrimp dicks cause really what will you do with a tall drink. One sip an ur exploding anyways that close to a pussy. And don’t worry this isn’t just for shrimp dick it goes for limp dick wonders too. Well any loser boy that knows their dick wont be finding a pussy tonight. hahaha.

How many of you thought I was actually going to like hand over helpful tips on getting some hot canadian pussy? OMG you guys are even bigger losers than I thought.

Cum Get Twisted With Bree

Humiliation Phone Sex from a Bratty Princess Domme!

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Cock and Ball Torture Phone Sex: Merry Christmas

Hey Pain Sluts out there!

Deck the cock with clothes pins.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Tis the season to be screaming!

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Don we now our candle wax!

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Troll the ancient pain slut way.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

See the blue balls before us.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Strike the dick n join the screaming.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Follow me in painful measures.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

While I phone sex a painslut.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Fast away the old dick passes.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Hail the new painful treasures.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Scream all cbt slaves.

Fa la la la ow ow ow ouch.

Heedless of the pain an pleasures.

hahaha All this Bratty Domme wants for christmas is a few cock and ball torture pain sluts screaming on the phone. hahaha. Makes those cocks bright purple for Me. hahaha.

Cum Get Twisted With BREE

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blasphemous phone sex: catholic school girl style

its you fucking favorite bad catholic school girl. oh ya with even more naughty blasphemous phone sex stories. shit the amount of shit i do would make them teachers at the catholic school blush. hahah maybe if they weren’t the ones calling me up asking me to be the dirty student in the sick fantasy. oh shit ya i am so into it i will do it no fucking shame at all. my favorite was this guy going i want u to be my student. so i like took it up a fuckin notch cuz that is what i do. i was like ok me under ur desk in my sexy school girl uniform. blowing that cock. but like that wasnt hot enough. making it while u were doing parent/ teacher meeting. ya my parents right there getting the low down on how i was doing in school. him having to keep his cool. while i sucked that cock. oh shit ya it was fucking hot. listening to him say how my oral presentations were so awesome. i think thats when i was deep throating his cock. i wish i saw his face and all that fuckin beads of sweat trying to not moan or scream. shit ya hot.

it was another hot taboo phone sex call with me in my school girl uniform. i fucking get around in that thing. i am so working that plaid skirt and knee high socks oh ya. i am so in the mood for another naughty school girl fantasy i got my uniform on!!!

cum get twisted with bree

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Naughty Catholic School Girl Fantasy

its sunday so this is totally the day to do this blog. hahah!!! was thinking shit what to blog about and ding. my catholic school girl phone sex call. this dude was reading blogs and going like way back totally testing my memory. he kept hitting my blogs about me wearing catholic school uniforms and how bratty a fucking school girl princess i am. shit when i described what i do to my uniform he was like young lady i need to talk to you. i have a wee bit of an issue conforming. like how do u think i ended up in catholic school any ways? but i turned that boring uniform into fucking fab. ya i know i show a little to much legs but the nuns are just jealous. what r they gonna do smack my panty ass with a ruler again. plz. so like i get called into his office to go over how i am not doing home work. blah blah blah. like my watermelon bubble gum is way more interesting. haha nothing like blowing bubbles and popping them on the roof of my mouth. but i know how to get a passing grade. haha i always do. those teachers are so easy to seduce. they never get anything at home anyways. especially something this fucking awesome. i had him so distracted. flash the leg. flash the tongue. and he is sweating. shit ya. teasing them old profs. i know a fucking bratty princess but i so rock it.

cum get twisted with bree

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religious phone sex roleplay

ya so like everyone wants a hot fucking catholic girl to do complete taboo things in the back pew or in the confessional. hahah. like i got kicked out of private school just for those reasons. ya parents were always pissed at me for they were always called into the father’s office for me giving blow jobs at lunch in the confessional. if fucking rocked. i wonder how many nuns sat there and got turned on smelling all that cum in there. ya i usually swallow but i would some time spit it out that cum wad just to give the wednesday confessions a different flavor. fuck ya. i wont forget the time i was totally going at it and giving a blow job while jon was trying to give his confessions for the week. fuck ya he didnt confess to that fucking sin. the priest had no fucking idea i was there. it so fucking rocked. jon had a hard time trying to remember what he was there for. it so rocked being that dirty. now i am doing phone sex calls and i have to say i fucking love the religious based phone sex roleplays. like totally takes me back to my private school years. or year. make it a taboo religious phone sex roleplay and it fucking makes my tight pussy wet. shit ya. bring them on.

cum get twisted with bree.

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