Humiliation Phone Sex: Laughing at Hand Fuckers

hey hand fucks. well really this is about one particular hand fucker who loves when I call guys out about their inability to get pussy. ya he is married but even his wife knows his dick wont get her off. so she leaves him at home to entertain himself while she is entertaining her pussy with massive dick. well this night he decided he need to have a hot sexy princess like me to humiliate him. really like he had a better option. what is he going to do sit there and listen to him moan as he tries to get off. bet his hand was more than happy to dial my number for some hot and sexy humiliation phone sex.

pink panty wearing humiliation phone sex princess

the moment i picked up he was all Oh my god i love how you call out pathetic fucks in your blogs. oh ya i just knew he was going to be small dick loser and if he want he was about to tell me why he needed to be humiliated beyond belief. yup wasnt long before he was telling me all about how his wife left him home to look at big dick porn while she was out with the girls. swear that is like every wives excuse. oh ya babe i am going out with my girlies aka getting my girlie parts fucked.

with each fucking pathetic detail he told me the more i laughed. the more i laughed the more he was fist fucking. ya cant say i blame him my giggle is pretty jerk off-able.

so for those other hand fuckers you can find my hot sexy princess around and more than ready to humiliate you.


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Foot Fetish: Princess Uses Feet to Tease

hey feet fuckers. ya your talking to the hottest phone sex princess around with the sexiest feet. really like i was out yesterday and omg every dude was staring down and my oh so cute pedicured feet in my roxy flip flops. like they were even a bit dusty cause i was at the beach for most the morning. ya like with all this crazy weather your foot fetish princess found 2 hours of sun to hit that beach in my awesome purple bikini and well dug my toes in the sand.

dirty teen foot fetish
anyways back to this guy and drooling over my blue painted toes. ya last pedi i got the girl to paint them this crazy ocean blue cause i had just finish giving this guy some blue balls and well was still feeling that massive after glow that i get when a guy begs to cum. so ya blue toes it was. but this guy was totally drooling over my dusty toes and you so fucking know he was sucking off my toes in his mind. like pervert! i can totally tell i mean i have been doing phone sex for a bit so you get this like crazy ass vibe when you go out. you dudes send off that pervertedness freaky fetish thing i tell you.
so course i see foot fetish freak guy looking and i am all lifting my foot up out of my flip flop and just doing that little toe waving thing and watching him stare and well if he could moan he so would of. like how could he not he is staring right at my soft pink soles crinkle as i move those toes. oh ya major tent popping going in his pants. i was elbowing my girlfriend telling her she had to look at mister foot sniffer over there. she did and we both broke out laughing.
foot freak ya he was biting his lip and well turning beat red over being busted by 2 hot girls and ran away too bad cause he totally missed out on being teased by the two of us. i mean isnt it doubly hot to be teased by 2 pairs of bare feet? i think not!
well lucky for you with a foot fetish i am taking calls today. well like when am i not really you find my ass around quite a bit. but today i am on a bit earlier that usual so give me a call and lets talk about my blue toes and how they will make your dick ache. ha!

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Glory Hole Mark returns to eat his own cum

Hey Cum Slurpers! So fucking awesome cum eating phone sex call like a week ago now. Ya, you can say it Bree why are we only now hearing about this fucking awesome call? Well cause part of it was I was waiting for Gloryhole Mark to call me back. Oh ya you all remember the adventures of Gloryhole Mark dont ya?

brunette coed in pink panties

He was the one who would hunt down the bathhouse places and the adult stores with the gloryholes for him to go eat cum. Well seems he was away working. Which from a stand point of cum eating must stuck cause he has no time to eat anyone else’s jizz but his own. BORING!

So whats he do like the first moment he can upon getting back? Fucking call his favorite phone princess of course. He was eager to get down to business. He was popping up on cam for me his dick rock hard, stroking away telling me how he can’t wait to perv out and well make my blog again cause he saw all his pervert adventures had disappeared. Total sadness for him and me really.

This cum eating freak was in a hotel which meant he was going to have a revolving door on his room of guys coming in with hard ons eager to unload into Glory hole Marks mouth. Fuck yes! Let the cum eating games begin! I wanna watch all this shit cause lets face it as much as your a sick freak for wanting to suck dick and eat strangers cum. Well I wanna watch it and force ya to do it. Waves my Princess Pervert Flag!

All this talk about making Glory Hole Mark have nasty sperm breath was getting him ready to blow his own nut batter all over his belly and well slurp it up. Oh ya I was cheering him on “slurp! slurp! SLURP!!!!” Which gets me thinking I am like the cheerleader for cum eaters out there. Seriously! I could have a cute little cheer uniform on and on my chest would be a little spermy haha that would so fucking rock!

Anyways, Glory Hole Mark must not of gotten any replies to his ad or got called into work cause this Cum Eating Princess never heard from him. Boooo! Like I was looking for the entertainment. So that sucked. But that doesnt mean I wont have some other suck freak ready to blow his load and gobble it up for me. Right?

Love to make another man eat his own cum for me. Who is up for it?


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cum eating phone sex

hey cum eaters. ya what is it with the summer and guys are all hey cum eating ya i need to do that. is it cause you at the beach and seeing all those guys in speedos and shorts and well thinking of wanting to suck some dick and the next best thing is a fucking cum eating phone sex call? cause really we are only like 1 step away from a force bisexual thing. like i can go either way and really they all end the same… one big gob of sticky cum slithering down the back of your throat.

ha bet that has you jerking your cock harder now dont ya. see bunch of sick freaks. i totally love that you guys are sick, perverted guys and are reaching for your phones in need of a little princess bree. really it makes my nights totally rock. but you know that i am so fucking gonna make fun of your nasty asses. hey it just the way i am.

so dont worry if you end up going to the beach and getting over excited with all those fuckers in their shorts and well water running over their amazing abs. fuck gets me hot too and thinking of sucking their cocks. you can call me and share your nasty gay fantasies. haha. lead ya into your cum eating fantasy oh i know you dont have to be all wanting to suck a cock fag boy. before you all send me messages about how i am stereotyping cum eater. i know some guys just want to slurp up their own ball batter and well need a hot phone princess like me to push them to eat up their sticky puddle once they cum. ya i wont forget ya.


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favorite bratty phone sex blog back

Hey guys out in pervert land. So I have finally got my blog up and running. I know took a long as fucking time. Unfortunately, it took so long cause I was trying not to loose all my wicked ass blogs of humiliation from all you sick freaks. Ya well that was an epic fail. So after like wallowing in some vodka for a bit. I realize that its totally unfair not to get my ass back to blogging and like recreate this blog with even newer sicker nastier blogs than before. So Taboo Brian, Glory Hole Freak and Office Perv! Ya all need to call so that my blog can get some juicy ass shit back on it. Like asap dudes!

I so know your not out there doing some sick ass shit cause like hello I know you dudes. You make my blog so fucking awesome. Oh and if your not those above mention dudes but like want your name plastered all over my blog then yup call up your favorite bratty phone sex princess ~ ME!

I have snagged a few favorite blogs from blogger since I am deleting it and well some of them were just too cute to let go in the wind ya know what I mean. No I never did blog about the 3 musketeers of filth and I was looking!

Anyways just a quick little I am back and watch out for some awesome updates. Who knows might be some other sexy ass bratty phone bitches blogging on here too.


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small dick phone sex humiliation

fuck did i ever get a good laugh at the small dick phone sex loser who just called me. like seriously this guy was all thinking I wanted to fuck his tiny 3 inch white dick. ya see even you are laughing right now. who wouldnt fucking laugh at that itty bitty micro cock. ya that small dick loser wanted to fuck my bratty princess pussy. umm ya dream on little dick loser. i only spread my sexy legs for real dicks.

guess what that guy got, well aside from this brat giggling and laughing at him? no fuck get your mind out of the gutter like i would jerk off that fucking thing. eww! like i know i am a no taboo brat but come on there are fucking limits and touching that small dick is pretty much it. no i fucking teased his cock with my perfect bratty teen pussy. i knew he wanted it and wanted it bad but like he couldnt get it if he wanted it. haha!

oh dont be all that cruel. if you know me at all you know that i am all about teasing small dick losers isnt that what small dick phone sex humiliation is all about? well if it aint i didnt get the memo cause that is what i have been doing is teasing itty bitty dicks since i started doing phone sex.

so that means i fucking rock at humiliation calls too!

what are you waiting for? like call me and lets have some fun with your small dick well so i can have some fun with it by laughing at it.

bratty phone sex princess bree

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foot fetish phone sex

hey losers!! went to visit my dad at his office total snooze fest usually. he wants to call me in to go over my life plan yadda yadda. some bullshit. wonder what would happen if i told him i was having far too much fun being a foot fetish brat so why would i want to go off to college? like who would really want to head to college and give up the fun on the phone i am having. all the old men out there paying to have 10 minutes of my attention. then handing over more cause i know their dirty little secrets. oh ya! we are talking about those taboo fantasies where you wish you had those tiny teen panties to masturbate your cock with while your talking to this hot bratty phone tease. that is what i am referring too.

well anyways the whole time i am at my dads office. which i dont know why he called me down there other than he was off in some long ass meeting leaving me at his office and nothing to do. well not completely. there was a guy that has a cubicle across from my dads door and he was totally eying me up. he is some 30 year old masturbating pervert. ya know he is wanking his dick under the desk looking at porn on his phone when he thinks no one is watching.

well he was eying up my feet in my cute strappy heels. the one that show off my new pedi with some oh so hot polish that foot boy mark bought me. hot pink with sparkles apparently its attracting even more foot fetish guys just wearing it. so i sat on my dads desk and just twirled my foot.

ya that fuck was just wishing he had 5 minutes alone to stroke his cock while thinking of my feet giving him a little foot job. haha. foot loser!

ask for bree, your foot fetish phone sex brat

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bratty phone sex girl

ok get this my friend calls me and asks if i wanna go to some praise jesus weekend camp out. wtf! like its nearing october and you want my bratty phone sex princess ass camping out?

apparently we will be in cabins. ok then the next thing is you want me to sit there and praise jesus all weekend long? like who the hell wants to do that? sit around with a bunch of virgins who are probably finding god in the woods with a good old jerk off.

ya you know i am going to be sitting around the kumbaya wondering who is working that cock in the wilderness. well when i am not letting my mind wander to if jesus has a big dick? seriously like he always wears these robes and cant one picture have him in something that shows off his package. ya i know totally sacrilegious to think that shit but come on? like your not wondering too? i so bet the guys in the woods are jerking off thinking of sucking some big ole jesus dick. ok maybe that is a stretch but probably not very far one.

ok back to the camp out. its so not happening need to tell my girl like asap. cause number 1 its camping and well number 2 i would have to watch my mouth around these bible fuckers and well for those that call me know that is just so fucking hard. this bratty phone sex princess cant behave on any level.

ask for bree

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Teasing Perverts with My Perfect Ass

hey fuckers

so what is it with the perverts and wanting a look under some hot teens skirt? like seriously do you not think we will fucking notice your loser ass following us around. well maybe i notice you fuckers more since i talk on the phone with you and it gives me some sense of pervert radar but i see ya fucks everywhere.

like i was walking up and down this street in victoria and there was this guy who was on vacation. oh man had the wife draggin him through all the sites. his eyes so where not on the water front. parliament, double decker buses it was on my fucking ass. well mine and every girl walking by him in shorts and skimpy skirt. haha was waiting for him to get some serious whiplash. him looking one way and the wife yanking him the other way by the arm. see him getting some chiropractor treatments when he gets home.

can you imagine what he tells the doc what brought him there. umm ummm twisted my neck looking at hot teen girls in short skirts while on vacation. well maybe he would if he had a pervert for a back cracker. totally possible.

ya so i was totally laughing and it made me wanna run up in front of him and bend over looking at some of the tourist crappy trinkets ya know. ya get a glimpse of my sexy panties fucker.

ya so totally in a teasing mood like duh when arent i right? so come share you nasty perverted stories and get your blue balls off with me.

ask for bree

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panty tease phone sex

hey panty sniffers. fuck was out shopping yesterday and this total panty pervert was following me around the mall. haha lucky day for him cuz i had on the sweetest jean skirt and purple sweater. hard not to wanna follow around my hot ass when you see my legs in that skirt. when i knew i was being followed that is when i knew i was gonna have some fun. i pretty much knew i was being followed like 1 store in the loser was so horrible at it. but ya what can you do when your wanting a glimpse of my hot ass in panties. haha fucker. was teasing him for a few hours. the dude thought he had it made when i went into the lingerie store. oh ya tent popping in those pants thinking he would get a look at my ass in panties. nope! tease! but he panty loser didnt stand a chance really cuz i mean i tease how many panty losers on the phone? like a gazillion.

panty tease phone sex with bree

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