religious phone sex roleplay

religious phone sex role play

ya so like everyone wants a hot fucking catholic girl to do complete taboo things in the back pew or in the confessional. hahah. like i got kicked out of private school just for those reasons. ya parents were always pissed at me for they were always called into the father’s office for me giving blow jobs at lunch in the confessional. if fucking rocked. i wonder how many nuns sat there and got turned on smelling all that cum in there. ya i usually swallow but i would some time spit it out that cum wad just to give the wednesday confessions a different flavor. fuck ya. i wont forget the time i was totally going at it and giving a blow job while jon was trying to give his confessions for the week. fuck ya he didnt confess to that fucking sin. the priest had no fucking idea i was there. it so fucking rocked. jon had a hard time trying to remember what he was there for. it so rocked being that dirty. now i am doing phone sex calls and i have to say i fucking love the religious based phone sex role plays. like totally takes me back to my private school years. or year. make it a taboo religious phone sex role play and it fucking makes my tight pussy wet. shit ya. bring them on.

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