bratty catholic schoolgirl phone sex fantasy

hey hand fuckers

ok ya this dude picked up the phone to tell me that he was totally jerking his dick to this catholic school girl phone sex fantasy. i shit you not! he was on his way home and passed this catholic church and started thinking about when he was in school and had a massive hard on daily for the school girls who would tease his dick. oh ya i would so be one of those girls who would be teasing his cock with my short plaid skirt. hahah that is when i am not pulled into the priests office for wearing my skirt so short. hell ya i would be that bad ass of a barely legal phone sex teen!

bratty catholic schoolgirl phone sex fantasy

course his naughty catholic school girl fantasy was one where I was to stay after school and well make up for not doing my homework… for like the last month. he was threatening to call my parents and tell them how naughty of a girl I was being. well little did he know I was a total nympho under this virgin white button up blouse.

I would totally rock his cock for some passing grade on those homework assignments. hell i would let him sniff my panties if it meant i could get a passing grade for his course. wait a minute what would i have to do to get an a in this course? i think i am up for the challenge.

hell ya i am ready for more!

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catholic schoolgirl phone sex fantasy

blasphemous phone sex: catholic school girl style

its you fucking favorite bad catholic school girl. oh ya with even more naughty blasphemous phone sex stories. shit the amount of shit i do would make them teachers at the catholic school blush. hahah maybe if they weren’t the ones calling me up asking me to be the dirty student in the sick fantasy. oh shit ya i am so into it i will do it no fucking shame at all. my favorite was this guy going i want u to be my student. so i like took it up a fuckin notch cuz that is what i do. i was like ok me under ur desk in my sexy school girl uniform. blowing that cock. but like that wasnt hot enough. making it while u were doing parent/ teacher meeting. ya my parents right there getting the low down on how i was doing in school. him having to keep his cool. while i sucked that cock. oh shit ya it was fucking hot. listening to him say how my oral presentations were so awesome. i think thats when i was deep throating his cock. i wish i saw his face and all that fuckin beads of sweat trying to not moan or scream. shit ya hot.

it was another hot taboo phone sex call with me in my school girl uniform. i fucking get around in that thing. i am so working that plaid skirt and knee high socks oh ya. i am so in the mood for another naughty school girl fantasy i got my uniform on!!!

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Naughty Catholic School Girl Fantasy

its sunday so this is totally the day to do this blog. hahah!!! was thinking shit what to blog about and ding. my catholic school girl phone sex call. this dude was reading blogs and going like way back totally testing my memory. he kept hitting my blogs about me wearing catholic school uniforms and how bratty a fucking school girl princess i am. shit when i described what i do to my uniform he was like young lady i need to talk to you. i have a wee bit of an issue conforming. like how do u think i ended up in catholic school any ways? but i turned that boring uniform into fucking fab. ya i know i show a little to much legs but the nuns are just jealous. what r they gonna do smack my panty ass with a ruler again. plz. so like i get called into his office to go over how i am not doing home work. blah blah blah. like my watermelon bubble gum is way more interesting. haha nothing like blowing bubbles and popping them on the roof of my mouth. but i know how to get a passing grade. haha i always do. those teachers are so easy to seduce. they never get anything at home anyways. especially something this fucking awesome. i had him so distracted. flash the leg. flash the tongue. and he is sweating. shit ya. teasing them old profs. i know a fucking bratty princess but i so rock it.

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religious phone sex roleplay

ya so like everyone wants a hot fucking catholic girl to do complete taboo things in the back pew or in the confessional. hahah. like i got kicked out of private school just for those reasons. ya parents were always pissed at me for they were always called into the father’s office for me giving blow jobs at lunch in the confessional. if fucking rocked. i wonder how many nuns sat there and got turned on smelling all that cum in there. ya i usually swallow but i would some time spit it out that cum wad just to give the wednesday confessions a different flavor. fuck ya. i wont forget the time i was totally going at it and giving a blow job while jon was trying to give his confessions for the week. fuck ya he didnt confess to that fucking sin. the priest had no fucking idea i was there. it so fucking rocked. jon had a hard time trying to remember what he was there for. it so rocked being that dirty. now i am doing phone sex calls and i have to say i fucking love the religious based phone sex roleplays. like totally takes me back to my private school years. or year. make it a taboo religious phone sex roleplay and it fucking makes my tight pussy wet. shit ya. bring them on.

cum get twisted with bree.

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