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its sunday so this is totally the day to do this blog. hahah!!! was thinking shit what to blog about and ding. my catholic school girl phone sex call. this dude was reading blogs and going like way back totally testing my memory. he kept hitting my blogs about me wearing catholic school uniforms and how bratty a fucking school girl princess i am. shit when i described what i do to my uniform he was like young lady i need to talk to you. i have a wee bit of an issue conforming. like how do u think i ended up in catholic school any ways? but i turned that boring uniform into fucking fab. ya i know i show a little to much legs but the nuns are just jealous. what r they gonna do smack my panty ass with a ruler again. plz. so like i get called into his office to go over how i am not doing home work. blah blah blah. like my watermelon bubble gum is way more interesting. haha nothing like blowing bubbles and popping them on the roof of my mouth. but i know how to get a passing grade. haha i always do. those teachers are so easy to seduce. they never get anything at home anyways. especially something this fucking awesome. i had him so distracted. flash the leg. flash the tongue. and he is sweating. shit ya. teasing them old profs. i know a fucking bratty princess but i so rock it.

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catholic school girl phone sex