Foot Fetish: Princess Uses Feet to Tease

hey feet fuckers. ya your talking to the hottest phone sex princess around with the sexiest feet. really like i was out yesterday and omg every dude was staring down and my oh so cute pedicured feet in my roxy flip flops. like they were even a bit dusty cause i was at the beach for most the morning. ya like with all this crazy weather your foot fetish princess found 2 hours of sun to hit that beach in my awesome purple bikini and well dug my toes in the sand.

foot fetish
anyways back to this guy and drooling over my blue painted toes. ya last pedi i got the girl to paint them this crazy ocean blue cause i had just finish giving this guy some blue balls and well was still feeling that massive after glow that i get when a guy begs to cum. so ya blue toes it was. but this guy was totally drooling over my dusty toes and you so fucking know he was sucking off my toes in his mind. like pervert! i can totally tell i mean i have been doing phone sex for a bit so you get this like crazy ass vibe when you go out. you dudes send off that pervertedness freaky fetish thing i tell you.
so course i see foot fetish freak guy looking and i am all lifting my foot up out of my flip flop and just doing that little toe waving thing and watching him stare and well if he could moan he so would of. like how could he not he is staring right at my soft pink soles crinkle as i move those toes. oh ya major tent popping going in his pants. i was elbowing my girlfriend telling her she had to look at mister foot sniffer over there. she did and we both broke out laughing.
foot freak ya he was biting his lip and well turning beat red over being busted by 2 hot girls and ran away too bad cause he totally missed out on being teased by the two of us. i mean isnt it doubly hot to be teased by 2 pairs of bare feet? i think not!
well lucky for you with a foot fetish i am taking calls today. well like when am i not really you find my ass around quite a bit. but today i am on a bit earlier that usual so give me a call and lets talk about my blue toes and how they will make your dick ache. ha!

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