Glory Hole Mark returns to eat his own cum

Hey Cum Slurpers! So fucking awesome cum eating phone sex call like a week ago now. Ya, you can say it Bree why are we only now hearing about this fucking awesome call? Well cause part of it was I was waiting for Gloryhole Mark to call me back. Oh ya you all remember the adventures of Gloryhole Mark dont ya?

cum eating phone sex

He was the one who would hunt down the bathhouse places and the adult stores with the gloryholes for him to go eat cum. Well seems he was away working. Which from a stand point of cum eating must stuck cause he has no time to eat anyone else’s jizz but his own. BORING!

So whats he do like the first moment he can upon getting back? Fucking call his favorite phone princess of course. He was eager to get down to business. He was popping up on cam for me his dick rock hard, stroking away telling me how he can’t wait to perv out and well make my blog again cause he saw all his pervert adventures had disappeared. Total sadness for him and me really.

This cum eating freak was in a hotel which meant he was going to have a revolving door on his room of guys coming in with hard ons eager to unload into Glory hole Marks mouth. Fuck yes! Let the cum eating games begin! I wanna watch all this shit cause lets face it as much as your a sick freak for wanting to suck dick and eat strangers cum. Well I wanna watch it and force ya to do it. Waves my Princess Pervert Flag!

All this talk about making Glory Hole Mark have nasty sperm breath was getting him ready to blow his own nut batter all over his belly and well slurp it up. Oh ya I was cheering him on “slurp! slurp! SLURP!!!!” Which gets me thinking I am like the cheerleader for cum eaters out there. Seriously! I could have a cute little cheer uniform on and on my chest would be a little spermy haha that would so fucking rock!

Anyways, Glory Hole Mark must not of gotten any replies to his ad or got called into work cause this Cum Eating Princess never heard from him. Boooo! Like I was looking for the entertainment. So that sucked. But that doesnt mean I wont have some other suck freak ready to blow his load and gobble it up for me. Right?

Love to make another man eat his own cum for me. Who is up for it?


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cum eating phone sex