Humiliation Phone Sex Princess

Usually I am not one to write similar blogs over n over again. Wait maybe I am cause most my blogs are about humiliation phone sex, or being a bratty domme or calling the losers out or well being a fucking awesome princess. So ya there is a bit of a repeat there.

humiliation phone sex

I would apologize for it but you so fucking know that aint about to happen! I write what I like and well you can read it or what ever. Know you will cause you losers love reading about how awesome I am for starters. Plus you love reading about how I humiliate other guys. Probably hoping up on hope that when you call I will blog about you.

Ok maybe not you might be that sort that would rather not have my fingers pounding the keyboard about ya. However, this blog is about MrMarcus again. Read below for the deets on him. Actually I think he starts needing a category all to himself so you all can read about him easier and well then he can wank off to his own blogs.

Why do I say that cause thats exactly what happened. He was off snooping wanker land and poof started reading my blog in his search for naughty stuff to help him over the edge. I know how you fuckers work. He course was looking for girls having fun with big black dicks and BAM there was my blog all about our call.

The highlights his wife has a massive BBC dildo cloned after the porn star MrMarcus and you should hear how this guy says the name oh my gawd! Part of his voice is envy the other part is pure drool. Like he wishes he had a pussy just so he knows what its like to get fucked by the perfect cock.

Ya him reading the blog all about his humiliation phone sex call had his dick rock hard and reaching for the phone again. Needing to have my voice giggling and humiliating him. Hell you know what if I had a MrMarcus dildo with me I would of probably ignored you and just focused on that amazing fake dick cause it would of been more fuckable than your cock.

Yup I said it!

I want the fake dick over yours.

Ohhh you small dick losers all know thats me being straight up honest. Which is how you like your Princess Bree! Hah

Just ask for Bree!

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humiliation phone sex princess


Bree Loves BBC Phone Sex Fantasies

So a few weeks ago did a blog about Mr Marcus the massive bbc dildo that would be so awesome to play with during bbc phone sex cuckold calls. And in typical fashion when a big black cock is involved got distracted away from what I intended to blog about. Which was why the big black dildo was on my mind. I mean other than the obvious bbc is so awesome!

bbc phone sex cuckold

It was cause a caller brought it up. His wife owns the Mr Marcus dildo which is molded from the African American porn stars cock right down to his balls and you can suction cup it to the wall or floor so you can literally ride that 9 inch dark dildo.

Ok am getting lost on that cock again. I know you small dick losers wont ever have a woman get lost on your cock size haha.

Anyways… he was saying how much his wife loves this cock and how hard she orgasms on it. That she would rather pleasure herself with it over his cock. Cant say I would blame her I mean if you had the option of a black cock over your white husbands dick. BBC hands down every time!

So that started with his need to be humiliated not necessarily in a bbc phone sex cuckold way but more just you dont measure up and why I love big black cock so much. Cause them damn big cocks can hit that orgasm spot every damn time and from any position.

We talked about my time with a bbc how fucking hot it was to have this massive dark dick right in front of me and what all I did with it. How ya I am a bit of a size queen that even though this white dick loser was coming in at 7 inches (so he says) he still wouldnt do it for me that I would be all eh ya thats alright but my face would be going ugh really? Thats all you got for me?

My facial expression really has no filter so my mouth can say one thing and my face is totally saying what I am thinking.

Do you like it when a woman is a total size queen for big black cock? Love being compared to them dark dicks? Then maybe you should call me for some bbc phone sex fantasies.

Just ask for Bree!

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Small Dick Humiliation Princess

So its been small dick humiliation central lately. Like either you dudes missed your favorite humiliation phone sex princess or I dont know what else you just missed me.

Not complaining cause I gotta say I am loving laughing at you shrimp dick losers. Hey what can I say its what I live for! Giggling and laughing along with just telling you the truth over what I think of small dick men.

small dick humiliation princess

Anyways just wanted to point out thanks to a certain guys recommendation this small dick humiliation phone sex princess added a special toy to her wish list. Yup it goes by the name Mr Marcus. No literally its name is Mr Marcus its molded after his 9 inch big black cock. Yup apparently this thing is massive but course that is coming from a white guy who hasnt really seen a black cock before.

Me on the other hand have fucked a black guy. Only once but let me say if a bbc where to come into my path again I wouldn’t think twice about pouncing on him!

Yup it was a MASSIVE MANDINGO cock.

So thought why not add that massive bbc dildo to my wish list and one of you small dick losers could buy it for me. I read the reviews and women are like fuck ya I gave up my fuck buddy since buying this thing. Now dont worry I wont give up being a humiliation phone sex princess but I am pretty sure my cuckold blogs will drastically increase haha.

No really they would if I was messing around with that 9 inch bbc dildo I would be dishing out the small penis humiliation left and right.

So anyways I even added some other fun bbc cuckold stuff to my wish list the link will be below so you can check it out yourself. My eye really is on that dick cause I am all curious as fuck about it.

Oh shit I totally got distracted I was gonna blog about the guy who mentioned Mr Marcus to me and looks like that will be another blog. Haha nothing like being a massive tease!

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