Small Dick Humiliation Princess

So its been small dick humiliation central lately. Like either you dudes missed your favorite humiliation phone sex princess or I dont know what else you just missed me.

Not complaining cause I gotta say I am loving laughing at you shrimp dick losers. Hey what can I say its what I live for! Giggling and laughing along with just telling you the truth over what I think of small dick men.

small dick humiliation princess

Anyways just wanted to point out thanks to a certain guys recommendation this small dick humiliation phone sex princess added a special toy to her wish list. Yup it goes by the name Mr Marcus. No literally its name is Mr Marcus its molded after his 9 inch big black cock. Yup apparently this thing is massive but course that is coming from a white guy who hasnt really seen a black cock before.

Me on the other hand have fucked a black guy. Only once but let me say if a bbc where to come into my path again I wouldn’t think twice about pouncing on him!

Yup it was a MASSIVE MANDINGO cock.

So thought why not add that massive bbc dildo to my wish list and one of you small dick losers could buy it for me. I read the reviews and women are like fuck ya I gave up my fuck buddy since buying this thing. Now dont worry I wont give up being a humiliation phone sex princess but I am pretty sure my cuckold blogs will drastically increase haha.

No really they would if I was messing around with that 9 inch bbc dildo I would be dishing out the small penis humiliation left and right.

So anyways I even added some other fun bbc cuckold stuff to my wish list the link will be below so you can check it out yourself. My eye really is on that dick cause I am all curious as fuck about it.

Oh shit I totally got distracted I was gonna blog about the guy who mentioned Mr Marcus to me and looks like that will be another blog. Haha nothing like being a massive tease!

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