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Here are a list of questions some potential callers have asked. So how about saving some time and my fingers and reading them all. Yours maybe on there. Honestly, it could be.

princess phonesex

How Do I call you, Princess?

Dropping the dick and Picking up the phone for starters duh! Dial 1-888-904-9766 and telling the dispatcher you want to speak to Princess BREE!

Princess what is the cost for a moment of your time?

2.50/min of cheap phone sex with a cheap $4 connection charge. 10 minute minimum for my sexy ass to get on the phone.

Princess how do I pay?

With your credit card. Whip out that plastic. Visa, Master Card, Discover.

Princess, how will this phone sex call show up on my credit card statement?

All calls are discretely billed as Palm Island Inc. Nothing will be mailed or what ever to your billing address. Customer lists are kept confidential. blah blah blah.

I don’t have plastic, Princess?

Head off to the grocery store, convenience store or whatever and get a prepaid visa card. Registrar the card and your on your way to calling ME!

How can I spoil you, Princess?

My favorite word. SPOIL. You can leave me a cash tip when you call, send a gift card or send a gift from my amazon wish list. (All gifts will be forwarded on to ME!) Hint! Hint! Hit the spoil Me page. Lots of ideas there!

Princess is there limits to what you will talk about?

NO! Limits are for losers. I am a Princess that likes the taboo stuff.


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