Worship This Princess’ Smelly Feet

I am loving that spring is here! Well it would be way nicer if Mother Nature got on board with the nice weather so I could wear my cute sandals. My feet are stuffed into my ballet flats still. Ya they are cute and fine but once I step into a puddle. SWEET fuck do my feet stink!

smelly foot fetish

Normally I would be fuck dont take my shoes off anywhere cause wet feet in leather flats is nasty, especially when I have been wearing this ones all year long… with no socks. Smelly! Now I am like who cares. Really when I go to the shoe store I slide my foot out and just hope that shoe guy has a smelly foot fetish.

Fuck ya! I wave my bare foot around and let that pungent odor just permeate the store. Hah! That usually brings the foot fetish guy a running. He can smell my stinky foot from the back room and is racing down the aisle to attend to my shoe shopping needs. All so he can be near my sweet succulent foot aroma.

Just love waving my toes under his nose letting that ripeness fill his nostrils as he stumbles to get that new shoe out of the box. In my head I wonder will he be quick to slip that shoe on or take his time unwrapping the tissue from inner part of the shoe so he can breathe in that stench?

Most the time they take their fucking time with the tissue so they can watch me wiggle my fucking toes. Yup inspect it for toe jam hahah! Wonder if they wanna lick it that sock snot or leave it there for extra odor absorbency? Hey a girl wonders some times.

I think the smell foot worshipers take their sweet ass time cause they are not sure how many shoes I am gonna try on. So they gotta take advantage of the time. Well if my feet stink that much I am parking here for the DAY!

Do you have a smelly foot fetish? Then you need to call me like now! Ask for Bree the princess no embarrassed to have some foul smelling feet.

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