Princess Bio

Hey there hand fuckers!
It Bree your bratty phone princess. If I could I would wear a sash letting all the perverts out there know that I am one spoiled taboo phone sex princess that is ready for anything. Well more like I guess you guys should be ready for anything when it comes to calling me. Ha!
The dirt on me! I know your waiting for it.
Been a spoiled phone princess for the last few years and LOVING it! Talking to nasty phone fucks and making them do nasty shit on cam for me. ROCKS! Ya I know I should be off to college and hitting the books and all that shit but like ugh! Sit in a boring class learning or sit here and watch some dude eat his cum. Ya you figure out which I am gonna do.
I live in a university town so I am not missing out on the college parties. All my girlfriends invite me and well like I have been crashing them ever since well junior high. My dad is on my case to get a real job and stop being a spoiled brat. My plans are to marry well and just move on up from being a princess to a diva. Oh ya and my future hubby better be a fucking freak. Like into cuckolding and shit cuz my pink pussy loves nigger dick. So like settling down (which aint even on the radar) would like suck to be with one dick all time. Ya Know!
Fav way to spend day at the nail salon getting pedi then wandering through the mall with my flip flops on teasing all those dirty old men with a foot fetish. OH ya and a panty fetish cuz I know they are trying to look up my skirt as I am buying things. If they only knew I was spending money I got listening to men wank like them on the phone.
Fav way to spend the night is curled up on my leather couch in my sexy panties and tee humiliating some phone sex loser.
Fav way to spend the weekend hitting some club and finding some dude that has a cock worthy of my princess pussy!
Bet your wondering what fetish I will do.
Humiliation: Cuckold Fetish: Bratty Domme: Cum Eating: Panty Boys: Sissy Sluts: Party Calls: Taboo Fantasies: K-9: Strap On: Forced Bisexual: CBT: Daddy’s Girl
Think you can handle a bratty bitch like me?

Well then call me. 1-888-904-9766 and ask for Bree!

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