Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Bree

Holy shit Friday came up fast!

Most my weekend plans got cancelled yesterday cause of the fucking snow expected to hit where I am. Was gonna go out of town for some naughty fun but I didnt wanna deal with the snow covered roads. Ruins the buzz.

cock sucking phone sex

So I am most likely around taking calls this weekend which means your gonna have to entertain me. I know your like shit Bree ya couldnt of given me any warning. Nah! I wanted to make ya squirm some.

What I was hoping is that you already had plans to go out and suck some big ass cock so that means your gonna be entertaining me with some cock sucking phone sex adventures. Like real life I went out and took a load of cum down my throat kind of adventures.

Ya I know your probably a big ole bitch and still making those glory hole dicks cream all over your face but hey I will take those tales too. Like I said I need some entertainment. Unless of course my fuck buddy got my booty text then I will be racing out to get some sweet dick myself.

Shit would could exchange some cock sucking phone sex stories then!

Well give me a call. If I am not around then you know whats up with me. Slamming back some cum!

Just ask for Princess Bree!

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cock sucking phone sex