Princess Pussy Humiliates Celibacy Fantasy Beta

celibacy fantasy

Hey Bitches! Yup its your favourite bratty fetish princess hitting the blog again. Know your ever so curious as to what I have been up too. Well let me tell you its been entertaining (not sure that is the word I wanna use but gonna for now) a certain someone who has gone 10 yrs with no sex. Yup you read that right he has a celibacy fantasy and this humiliation princess got to remind him about who all gets to fuck my pussy. Which ain’t that beta bitch!

So lets start out with the idea of actually going without is so foreign to this bratty princess that I cant even say the word celibacy nor type it out really haha. Seriously I am sounding it out while typing right now its that foreign of a word and well topic. Cause you know this phone princess would ever engage in celibacy in real life or in fantasy.

Actually let me reword that I personally would never indulge in celibacy fantasy but reminding you that you belong pussy less fuck ya all about that form of celibacy fetish.

Which is what this beta boy loves is to be reminded that my pussy will never want him or his dick. This Princess Pussy only wants real men cock not beta dick. Share a little secret when I got out he wants to be at home waiting for me to come back and have him worship my feet while I tell him the sexy details of what I got up too while out.. You know fucking!

Maybe I will share some of the celibacy fantasies we do. I mean I could right now but the idea of him squirming in his chair reading this with the potential for further embarrassment from his Phone Princess gets my pussy tingling.

So of course I am gonna do just that enjoy the tease!

Now I am gonna go and think about which one I will be blogging about next. haha don’t worry they all include the beta bitch never getting pussy.

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