Cum Eating Fantasies with Bratty Phone Princess Bree

cum eating fantasies

GLORY HOLE MARK! Finally got off his knees long enough to grab his phone and call me. Oh I really hope he purelled his hands ewww! Its been fucking forever dude since ya told me about your sick cum eating fantasies. Ya I said fantasies this dude hasnt got any cum in his mouth other than his own in for-fucking-ever. Got to say majorly disappointing this bratty phone princess.

Honestly like I am pouting right now. Over the fact you havent taken a sticky load of semen down your throat since ya moved to the east coast. Booooo! I would of thought your move out there would of had you gobbling up nut butter like no tomorrow but boy was I wrong. Least your just as disappointed too. So disappointed he is moving back home where the land of the cocks are!

No more cum eating fantasies for that cock sucker! Bring on the dicks.

Pretty sure Glory Hole Mark will be posting craigslist with some ads prior to his arrival so that before the moving truck hit his new place he will have already put some cum stains on that floor.

Just a word to the wise ya may wanna vacuum up the knee impressions on the carpet prior to the movers. Oh fuck who am I talking to this is Glory Hole Mark a sick cock sucking fuck you will leave them there to let those beefy dudes know you will happily take their cock deep in your throat as a tip. Oh wait thats your tip. Your still gonna have to break out the wallet buddy.

Can not wait to hear all about your move and the fun times in your new places. BYOC. Bring your own Cum is your new house motto.

Princess Bree!

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cum eating fantasies