Bratty Phone Princess Bree

What are you doing this long weekend? I was gonna be hitting the beach and teasing some of those old man cocks but ya mother nature opted to have it rain so looks like the only dicks this bratty phone princess will be teasing are the ones on the phone.

bratty phone princess

Not that I am complaining cause like that is a blast too.

Plus teasing via the phone means you can dive into those taboo fetishes n fantasies that most would just freak out about in real life. Like the daddy/daughter role plays. I mean ya its hot to call someone daddy when your going at it in the bedroom but when you already look barely legal itsĀ  a bit of a taboo topic to say when walking the streets. Trust me this bratty phone princess has made the mistake once or twice haha.

Last time I never even started the Daddy/ Daughter stuff I was at a restaurant and my date got up to go to the washroom and the waitress came to the table and asked if my daddy wanted another drink or not?

Nah just the cheque will do cause Daddy wants to get a piece of this ass.

Yup the look on her face when I said that was priceless. Well bitch dont assume! Bet you would love to be sitting across from me when I say those things. Part of you turned on to be outed for loving to fuck young bratty phone princess pussy and course the other part of you down right humiliated that you get a raging hard on for being outed.

Knowing everyone is staring at you for being a full on pervert. Sure they were looking before and wondering but now they KNOW!

Haha ya I am totally up for outing your perverted old man ass and teasing it of course.

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