Panty Boy Humiliation with Princess Bree

What is it with you guys and your panties?

Ok like I know panties are super sexy and they feel great so maybe thats it?

But nahhhh I think you guys just love knowing you could be busted at any moment with your panty lines or better yet you laundry hamper diving to hunt down for the perfect pair of dirty panties.

panty boy humiliation

Cause lately its Princess Bree I have my girlfriend’s panties on. Princess Bree I bought panties. Princess Bree I am a panty boy!

Like dude stop the bus and back it up some… You have a girlfriend and can steal her panties? How the fuck did a panty boy get a girlfriend? Actually thats what I wanna know more than the why your wearing panties.

How has your girlfriend not busted you for wearing panties? Cause I am like 99999% sure I would figure out my boyfriend is stealing my panties and wearing them. Like you would stretch them out.

No not by your package. Cause lets face it all you guys phoning me have small dicks so those panties are not getting misshapen in that area haha. No but like your hips have to be bigger than your girlfriend’s.

Ohh unless you fucks date fat chicks!

That has to be it you panty boys date the big girls cause they are the only ones will have you. They probably know  you are a panty boy but over look it cause like they are desperate for cock. Hey how do you fuck them big girl pussies with such a small cock?

Wait is this were you tell me noo Princess Bree my girlfriend is super hot! Then you must have a very thick wallet hahah cause dude the only thing thats 3.5″ that I get excited over is a credit card with no spending limit. Yup I said it.

Well I am off to sort though my panty draw figure out which ones need to go and which ones bring me joy or some bullshit like that. Guessing for you panty boys they all bring you joy hahah.

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