Bratty Phone Princess Bree loves to Humiliate

So apparently all this bratty phone princess needs to do is sit on a park bench and eat her lunch to make men feel less than worthy in life. OkĀ  so like there is more too it than just that. The full on details to make a man feel a full sense of humiliation is to eat a fucking banana in front of him.

Well not like I was sitting there set on the purpose of seeing how many men I could make feel less than worthy of fucking any pussy let alone call themselves a man by eating one banana. It just sort of happen.

bratty phone princess

See my friend and I were in the grocery store picking up some yummies for a super impromptu lunch at the park. This lil grocery store has a guy making sushi right there so like primo sushi at crazy cheap prices and no line up. Its the bomb and really making my mouth water for some right now.

Well after we snag some sushi we head off to get some veggie and well pass these massive bananas like nearly 3 hands from end to end. My hands I should say. So she goes I doubt you could eat that whole thing. Well my mind was like huh eat it more like what lewd n crude things could I do with it?

Then my bratty phone princess brain clicked in and well lets just say the walk to the park had my brain going over n over what things I was gonna do with it.

Innocent things like how the fuck I was gonna eat this monster Naner.

Gessh do you think I am always thinking perverted things?

Ya course I was my brain was on over drive wondering what guys would be all drooling watching me eat this thing and what guys would give away they have a pint size dick.

Oh and those small dick losers did not disappoint like I didnt even have to verbally humiliate their small size. Just held up the banana while I had a chat with my friend over dumb shit we were watching on Netflix. Deep into the Circle if ya must know.

Call and tell me what reaction you would have to two hot girls sitting in the park with a massive banana. Hell better yet lets make this a 2 girl call and have both of us humiliate you.

Just ask for Bree

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