Chastity Coefficient Fantasy with Bree

So your probably wondering what happened to Lock Down Dick? How frigging long was that chastity fantasy? Did I come up with a better name?

Ok so lets start with the name ya I think I have a way better name its actually something he said in one of our calls that had me near peeing my princess panties. He was calculating the melting of ice ya and was talking me through his calculations the coefficient of this and the blah of that. Ya I lost if and was like woah dude you know your some geeky nerd dude when… So thinking Chastity Coefficient I know coefficient should come first but it doesnt roll off the tongue as nice coefficient chastity. Chastity coefficient ya know. Course when I googled the definition of coefficient is a constant by which a variable is multiplied. Likely hood your getting out of chastity is a constant zero!

chastity fantasy

Did our time get extended nope. He finished up work and was off to spend some time at home then some snow storm bs happened and well his time without chastity was extended. Course that does mean I am sitting here pondering when he will be free from mother natures cock cage and put back into mine and well lets just say probably wont be as nice.

Our time together surprising he was chomping at the bit to be caged sooner than expected but its only cause his balls were screaming for attention and I was not having any of that shit. Let him run his mouth off and off and well off some more. Flap them gums baby. Hell he even flapped his gums into a full circle cause idle handles n all. He actually fucking spewed ideas he was thinking about while he couldnt touch himself. Like talk about being such a kind and considerate caged up dick.

Anyways thats a super quick run down on what happened. My sexy ass is logged in for calls currently and love to humiliate someone today. What can I say its just that kind of day.

Hey Chastity Coefficient what do you think of the name???

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