Chastity Fantasies with Princess Bree

Usually chastity fantasies arent my jam. I mean like denying you my pussy totally rock those orgasm denial phone sex calls day and night. Do it in my sleep.

chastity fantasies

However chastity fantasies are a bit different over the phone not like you can mail me the key and let me be an actual keyholder. Come to think of it probably a good idea I tend to lose shit all the time. Favorite ring no clue where it is right now. Earrings never come home with a pair or well super rare that I do.

Building up your faith in me haha. Good it shouldnt.

So why am I talking about chastity when its not something I totally do? Well super simple when someone comes to me with a wicked idea on how to get them into chastity that is quick and painless then ya it can happen. Other than that I am all for chastity phone sex role plays. That shit is hella fun!

Its not that I am against it at all I mean this is the ultimate denial phone sex fantasy isnt it? Or maybe its just for me cause I dont have to do any of the heavy lifting. Your the one staring at that cock day in and out in a cage questioning why you opted to do this for a random girl on the phone.

Oh wait maybe shouldnt make you think about this on that level haha never mind. You love that cage. You need that cage. Let me put you in that cage.

Ok so now that I have squirreled myself all over the place in this blog. Back to why I am talking about chastity fantasies. Cause this guy reconnected with me after some time. He lost my number and was playing with others but no one and I mean NO ONE compared to me. His words not mine but you all know its fucking true.

So boom he is back and come up with even better way to torture himself and deny touching his cock. Gotta say this game is rather fun.

We arent that far into the process and he is already uncomfortable with being locked up. YUP loving it!

Best news was hearing our 5 day lock down might get extended depending on his work schedule. The only time I am happy to hear about a lock down being fucking extended!

Dont worry you will be kept up dated on what happens with Mr Lock Down Dick. May  have to work on the name some but ya get the idea.

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