Hot Bratty Princess Bree

Kay this weekend is looking like it will royally suck for beach activities. Gonna have to figure something else out. Hoping its not a sign that I will have to put my bikini and beach wear a way cause like teasing old men with my hot bratty princess body is what gives me that extra razzle dazzle to my day.

hot bratty princess

Ok not the word I wanted but like suddenly my Mom entered and was sprinkling in her mom isms. Blah fucking hate when that happens. If only she knew I was using her words in a kinky fetish phone sex blog about teasing old men with my hot body. Ya she would faint. No doubt about it.

Like OMG I was sitting in the backyard when I was home a few weekends ago. It was right hot so wore my bikini the whole time. Yup the old man from next door was out all weekend doing yard work and peeping over the fence perving out on this hot bratty princess body.

Sure he was all chatting me up trying to pretend it was some old man sweetness but we both know he was taking those mental pics that would have him stroking his old man junk till he shot a load out.

I would be all ewww. Well ok ya the visual is yuck but like hey dude if my hot body can raise that wrinkly hot dog then stroke away just dont have a heart attack alright. I mean it would be a wicked compliment but eh dont wanna have a death on my hands you know!

So yup if you are wanting to be like the pervie neighbour and worship this hot bratty princess body then by all means call and lets chat about some sick fetish phone sex stuff. You know you pervs love the taboo stuff.

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