Teasing Perverts with My Perfect Ass

hey fuckers! so what is it with the perverts and wanting a look under some hot teens skirt? like seriously do you not think we will fucking notice your loser ass following us around. well maybe i notice you fuckers more since i talk on the phone with you and it gives me some sense of pervert radar but i see ya fucks everywhere.

ass tease phone sex

like i was walking up and down this street in victoria and there was this guy who was on vacation. oh man had the wife draggin him through all the sites. his eyes so where not on the water front. parliament, double decker buses it was on my fucking ass. well mine and every girl walking by him in shorts and skimpy skirt. haha was waiting for him to get some serious whiplash. him looking one way and the wife yanking him the other way by the arm. see him getting some chiropractor treatments when he gets home.

can you imagine what he tells the doc what brought him there. umm ummm twisted my neck looking at hot teen girls in short skirts while on vacation. well maybe he would if he had a pervert for a back cracker. totally possible.

ya so i was totally laughing and it made me wanna run up in front of him and bend over looking at some of the tourist crappy trinkets ya know. ya get a glimpse of my sexy panties fucker.

ya so totally in a teasing mood like duh when arent i right? so come share you nasty perverted stories and get your blue balls off with me.

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ass tease phone sex