Taboo Phone Princess Bree

Shit! This phone princess has been doing nothing but rolling her eyes at the fuckers calling today. Its a lot of you know what I am up too. Ohh watching regular porn.

phone princess

Do you guys need a reminder that I am a taboo phone princess who is use to talking with perverts on the phone like I have no concept of what is normal any more or regular.

I wont ever guess what your doing cause in the past that has freaked guys out.

Please dont ask what I consider kinky cause like HELLOO taboo phone princess I am use to dealing with kinky fuckers and have no concept of kinky any more. I am a girl who either likes it or doesnt there is no kinky meter. Plus gauging someones kink scale is rather rude. I rather just chat n have a good time be it you telling me about your last fuck or hey them perverse fantasies that seem to make you guys extra horny.

This is a total no judgement zone well ok I will judge you for having a small cock but like you know that already but I aint gonna judge you for some kinky level.

I say taboo phone sex welcomed and I mean it. The most I will say is hey cool fantasy but like I know nothing about this fetish up to you if ya wanna chat with me or not. Its never an insult if you wanna talk to a girl who has more experience than me.

Anyways didnt mean to make this a ranty type of post but like just say what you fucking want in a fantasy and lets roll with things vs me reading your mind. Cause I maybe having a sph type mind set and humiliate you for the size of your dick. Hmm maybe I should have hey its this sort of day and see what happens. *things to ponder*

You can reach me at theĀ  number below and lets rock some awesome taboo phone sex fantasies. Cause you know I am ready for that kinky shit.

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